How’d we get here?

Our journey started 21 years ago when I first met Cowboy.

The minute Cowboy walked into my life I took an instant dislike to him.  Cowboy drove up in a ’67 Mustang and appeared pompous, arrogant and used to having things his way.  Yet like the true heroes of a classic romance novel – Cowboy turned out to be something other than what he seemed.  The strong silent type, he wasn’t one to act or speak frivolously.   He was masculine, muscular, and self-assured.  He had big shoulders, buffed out chest, and long dimples that were disarmingly charming.   He was far too good-looking to be taken seriously.  Too good a catch to take me seriously yet there he was – his confederate-blue eyes transfixed on me.

I had plans that evening with another suitor, but as a favor to my friend I agreed to change my plans.  ” It wasn’t really a date”, I convinced myself, after all what kind of girl would that make me dumping one guy, mid-date, to go out with another? Not nice, surely.  Regardless, there I was meeting Cowboy for dinner.  Cowboy, had requested an introduction and my friend was insistent on complying.

Neither one of us was prepared for the journey we were about to take.  We had an instant connection and our views either aligned or complimented each other on every front – right down to our dreams of taking a motorcycle road trip across the US.  It was a meeting divinely orchestrated.   I knew I loved him before I met him.  He was a man of deep convictions, intelligent, quick-witted, loyal and funnier than anybody I’d ever met before.  He knew me better than I knew myself, and he still loved me.  Cowboy was easy to love. . .

April 1, 1997 Cowboy and I were married.

We were  happy,  naive, in love, and full of ideals that we’d define as we went along.  Our trip across the US was another dream we’d realize together. We took our motorcycle training classes, we started saving and then out of nowhere our road trip was sidetracked.  Not even at the starting gate when it was revealed to us that we were a small part of a bigger plan.

A divine plan, a welcome misadventure, that has humbled and inspired us to a new journey.  While we had  no idea what the future held, where we’d go, what we’d do, who we’d meet – we did know we were meant to do it together. . . with the help of God.   We were putting our trust, our hope, our plans into the hands of God through our savior Jesus Christ to lead this marriage to lands we’d never imagined.  This act of faith has led us to where we are now:

Cowboy and I live in a treehouse inspired bungalow.  Together we’re raising our 3 sons (from here on out referred to as “The Natives”), a dragon and a killer Tater dog.  For a couple of free-spirits with plans of wanderlusting around the country our story is truly  one that could only be written by the Creator of the Universe!  For He (God)  has filled our lives with joys and wonders greater than we could have ever have ever planned or imagined!  The creator of our dreams continues to fulfill our dreams.

We’ve not given up on our motorcycle roadtrip dream.  Just this time we may be accompanied by our the Natives on a road trip to Appalachia, on a missions trip in service to the King of Kings!  Only God knows.   Until then, we continue to trust, grow and move forward with our little part in God’s great plan.  Hope you enjoy this journey as much as we do!

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:10-12


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